How do I get the car from the dealership to my home?

You have two options,

 (1) Come pick up the vehicle,

 (2) Have the vehicle shipped to your destination.  Shipping is a viable option if you are not in an extremely fast hurry to receive the car.  Even though it is slower than picking it up yourself, it is still rather fast and can save an individual a lot of money in travel expenses. Call me and I will get you a shipping quote as I have several transport companies that I work with on a regular basis.

 (3) Fly into Augusta, GA and drive it home.  I will pick you up at the Augusta airport or bus station free of charge. 

Will I be able to legally drive the car if I choose to drive it home?

Yes.  I  will provide you with a 30-day temporary tag to all vehicles sold.  If for some reason I am unable to get your paperwork to you in that amount of time, I will send you another tag.  That would be an extremely rare situation.

eBay Auctions Q & A

2004 Custom "FAT BOY"

Questions & Answers

If you have any questions, please call me:


What does “reserve not met” mean next to the bid amount in the auction?

A seller can open the bidding at any price but is not obligated to complete a transaction unless the item for sale has reached a pre-set amount (reserve) that the seller sets as a minimum amount the product will be sold for.  Once this price has been met, “reserve met” will be displayed next to the current price.

How do I complete the paperwork involved if I am going to have the vehicle shipped?

It’s the easiest deal you will ever do. I will overnight your paperwork. All you have to do is sign the highlighted signature marks and drop your paperwork, and a certified check for the vehicle, in the overnight mail, and it comes to me the next business day. Once I receive the package and the check clears (or do a bank wire transfer which is quicker), then the vehicle is ready to be shipped.

Why do I need to send a deposit?

You do not have to send a deposit if you plan on paying in full within the allotted 72-hour time span. However, if you will need longer, I will need the deposit in order to assure your good faith in completing the transaction.

What if I find that the car is misrepresented, will I get my deposit back?

Yes.  If this car is not accurately represented or you are simply not happy with the vehicle, then I will promptly refund your deposit.

Can I finance the car I am purchasing on Ebay?

Yes, in most cases.  Finance approval is based upon the buyer’s personal credit history. You will need to arrange your own financing with your local bank or with eBay financing center on-line, or you can try JJ Best on line (many customers have used them)